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Why Move?

May 2002

A newcomer gets Les thinking about moving, or maybe not

I was talking the other day to a charming young Lady aged about 25, about 5'8" tall, weight say 9-3, and she had all in all a most gorgeous figure, a really lovely person. What were we talking about? Well to be honest I've forgotten. Yes you are right, I haven't forgotten the other bits have I? She was a newcomer. Ah yes a newcomer, now I remember.

We were talking about what made her move to this part of the world and she said how friendly everybody was, she found it lovely here. Now to someone like me, possessing as indeed I do a somewhat sharp mind, nothing else - just a sharp mind, that remark just didn't make sense and I was forced to remonstrate with the dear Lady. And, as my Wife wasn't anywhere about, I could afford to take chances. How did she know us lot who live here were friendly until she got here? So that wasn't the real reason for coming? It was a good reason to stay but not to come.

Do you know having worked that one out I feel I must have a sit down. I can understand people moving, if say the Husband's work brings him to this area, say on promotion or something. I myself have never moved outside of Methwold and I have often said we should never have had an Empire had it been left to the likes of me. The question is, if I now moved where would I move to, and why?. I have always had what some people would call a rather strange philosophy which tells me it isn't what you do but who you do it with that matters. What I have in mind, if you must know, is Ballroom Dancing, what else did you think? And of course, if you move, what do you do when you get there? If you are going to do the same old thing you might just as well stayed where you were. I don't know that seems to make sense to me.

It was at this stage that I decided to put two suggestions to my very attractive companion. The first one she rejected completely out of hand, which was a shame really because I thought it was a darn sight more interesting than what I was about to come round to. Anyway I suggested that, in my view, most people come to this part of the world because they sell their Property for A, buy one here for B, leaving a balance in the Bank for a rainy day, and good luck to them. If I sold up and made a good profit in the process I'd be gone like a shot, but what would I do with the extra cash? The answer is it would go to my next of kin, eventually, together with the rest of it. So I don't think I would have solved this question of moving. The trouble with money is that you never have it when you want it, when you are young. At my age there is nothing to spend it on. I could of cause give it away to a good cause and my Companion seemed as good a cause as I have come across lately.

I will speak to her later, unless my Wife gets to me first!

Les Lawrence

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