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Favor Parker Village Liaison Committee Meeting

May 2002

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th March 2002

Mr Dave Robson (Principal Environmental Health Officer, King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council)

Mr Les Bonnett (Parish Councillor)

Mr Peter Burgess (Transport Manager, Favor Parker Ltd)

Mr Brian Harrison (Village Representative)

Mr Chris Hitchens (Managing Director, Favor Parker Ltd)

Mrs Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr Alastair Inskip (Assistant Mill Manager, Favor Parker Ltd)

Mr Ray Thompson (Editor of "The Village Pump")

Mr Ken Vine (Mill Manager, Favor Parker Ltd)

Mr Kit Hesketh-Harvey (Village Representative)

Mr George Patterson (Parish Councillor)

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed to be an accurate record of the proceedings.

Matters Arising and Current Matters

Mr Robson reported that noise levels in the village had been investigated by Mr Kevin More of the Environmental Health office. He had taken a number of readings from a property in the village and would be taking further measurements from other properties. Measurements of noise out-of-doors had been frustrated by wind noise, but would be repeated under calmer conditions.

Mr Robson said that at this time there was not a problem with the wax deposits, but when they appear dishes would be placed to collect samples for analysis.

Mr Harrison thanked Favor Parker for the prompt action to address this problem and said that it had now been resolved.

Mr Hitchens thanked Mr Harrison for having raised the issue, as this had been something that the company had not been aware of but was able to action quickly and resolve.

Mr Robson said that a number of points had been raised on this issue at the last meeting, many of which were outside his remit to some extent.

Mr Bonnett said that the police had suggested to the Parish Council that yellow lines at the junction between Furlong Road and the High Street would improve the junction. This had been raised with the Highways Authority, but no response had been received.

Mrs Holton and Mr Thompson both expressed their concern that yellow lines outside the Post Office would have a detrimental effect on trade at the Post Office and would inconvenience customers.

Mr Bonnett said that the suggestion had been to impose a waiting limit to prevent vehicles from being parked on the junction.

Mr Vine suggested that lines on the junction, not necessarily extending back past the Post Office, would greatly improve the junction.

Mr Bonnett said that a weight limit on the High Street had been proposed, but was again waiting on action from the Highways Authority. He also said that on three evenings Favor Parker vehicles had been seen driving through the village rather than using the bypass.

Mr Burgess said that following the last meeting, a letter had been issued to haulage contractors and merchants advising them that the designated route for vehicles attending the site is via the bypass and Furlong Road. In response to a report from Mr Bonnett a letter had been sent to a farm manager requesting his drivers to use the bypass.

Mr Robson asked if the company had drawn up plans setting out the options for any proposed access changes at the top of the site.

Mr Hitchens said that no plans had been drawn up, but did confirm that he had had discussions with the Highways Authority regarding the junction of Furlong Road and the High Street prior to the purchase of Self's Field.

Mr Harrison said that the village was aware of the purchase, and that there was a general distrust towards the intentions of the company in regard to this land.

Mr Hitchens responded that he was unable to stop rumour and speculation but did reiterate that the company had no current plans for the business to expand. The purchase of Self's Field did give a potential opportunity to significantly improve access into the site to the benefit of the village by not having to exit via Buckenham Drive. However, this still remained purely an option and no proposal had been made. If and when this was raised then it would be in full and open consultation and any plans would be brought to the Committee.

Mrs Holton, Mr Harrison and Mr Thompson all raised concerns over a strong "fishy" smell that could be noticed from time to time in the village.

Mr Hitchens said that the only material used on the site which has a strong odour associated with it was fishmeal, but the level used within any ration was very low.

Mr Robson explained that the guidance on the control of odour required the use of the Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC), which following research was determined to be the wet scrubber system installed. Residual odour is dependent upon atmospheric dispersion, and under certain weather conditions the plume may be brought to ground.

Mr Vine confirmed that the water in the scrubbers was changed on a timer every eight hours of running time.

Mr Robson said that he would pursue this matter further with the company.

Mr Vine said that the complaint regarding dust at the Post Office was being investigated by the company in consultation with the residents.

Mr Harrison said that at night the presence of dust was obvious, and he attributed this to the site location in relation to the prevailing wind.

Mr Robson said that the next stage in the Borough Air Quality Assessment would be taking place in September 2002.

Mrs Holton said that she had been pleased to see the outside of the building cleaned, and Mr Bonnett said that he had seen the sweeper on the street outside the site.

Mr Vine said that the sweeper would be cleaning the roads around the site and up to the Furlong Store every fortnight. The vandalised windows have been repaired, and repairs to the rendering on the outside of the factory will be completed once the weather improves.

Mr Hitchens said that maintenance work was intended to be carried out on the roof of the Hall in the coming weeks.

There was no further business.

Date of Next Meeting

Friday 14th June 2002 at 2.30pm was agreed as the date of the next meeting.

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