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Desert Island Films

May 2002

Another reader shares their favourite movies

Having found to my great surprise that my jottings a "Desert Island Discs" had been included in the Village Pump, I thought I better take up Graham Forster's challenge and compile my Desert Island Films. Those of you who read my choice of discs will not be surprised to find a similar theme running through my choice of films.

I must say I really have enjoyed preparing this list. Each title has brought back so many memories and recalled some very special times in my life. Quite therapeutic, really. So here goes:

1. HIGH SOCIETY - Like Graham, I enjoyed the easy-going music of the stars.

2. ANY LAUREL & HARDY - For a good laugh.

3. GIGI Maurice Chevalier - might cheer me up.

4. WORLD OF DON CAMILLO - A trilogy of films, in French. Religious Comedy.

5. WAGES OF FEAR - Also in French. These to remind me of the armchair comfort of West End Cinemas, albeit front rows, all we could afford in our youth, and seen as part of French language study.

6. INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU - Starring the great Peter Sellers.

7. CARRY ON DICK - This would remind me of a wet afternoon in Weymouth, whilst suffering the delay caused by a bomb scare on the Ferry to Jersey. Also of a weeks soaking in rainy Jersey, whilst sightseeing. A guarantee I was always alongside a large puddle, when either walking or waiting at a bus stop, when a car passed in any direction.

8. DOCTOR ZHIVAGO - A delightful film which would bring back happy memories of dear old Southend where i first thrilled to this classic movie.

John Baxter

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