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Runnin' on

April 2002

Flyin' on

Back home again after a lovely holiday in Tenerife. I am just getting over what I hope is Jetlag, if it isn't, I'll have to admit to being a would-be lazy lay about. I didn't feel tired after the flight to Tenerife but since we have come home I have felt exhausted. I am writing this article a day late; I just couldn't be bothered to drag the bed to the computer before today!

Still it is lovely to be home again. We collected Toby from the Cats Whiskers as soon as they opened, Toby ignored us at first but he's forgiven us now so we won't have to trade him in after all.

When we were doing our holiday shopping with our Euros we noticed that although they had been used for about a month there, the shop staff were having a job sorting them out. One girl told us that all the prices had gone up as their old currency was replaced with the euros. I reckon we ought to get any expensive items now while we still have proper money here! What a good excuse.

Missing our own cat while we were away made us very pleased to see a pretty tabby in our hotel. You could see we weren't the only ones suffering from cat deprivation; as we went for each meal in the hotel restaurant the little cat had a friendly pat from a steady stream of people.

It is a fact that you must behave wherever you go. We met two Downham couples and today I have heard of another sighting of us while we were on holiday. They do say it is a small world we live in.

Taking a week to get over a four-hour flight home has made me wonder if I'd ever get over a journey back from America, perhaps it was a night flight that caused the trouble. Never mind, I have caught up on the laundry and almost dealt with the results of eating too well; will I never learn?

Janet Tilburn

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