River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Desert Island Discs

April 2002

John Baxter selects his favorite music and luxury item

Having read the previous selections for taking to a desert island, I thought it would be a bit of fun to sit down and consider what I would like to have with me in such a situation.

My first thought was that all the records must be good melodies that have stood the test of time and, therefore, they all come from my younger days. Also, I decided that they would all have a similarity so that they could blend in with one another. Anyway, here are my eight discs that I feel that I could never tire of hearing:

1. St Louis Blues by Louis Armstrong with Bessie Smith

2. The Gypsy by Dinah Shore

3. String of Pearls by Glen Miller

4. J'Attendrai by Tino Rossi

5. A ticket, a tasket by Ella Fitzgerald

6. Mi Lord by Edith Piaf

7. La Mer by Jean Sablon

8. In the Mood by Joe Loss and his orchestra

As for my luxury, the editor has refused me a native girl in a grass skirt so, instead, it would have to be a computer/PC or whatever that I could use for logging on to the Internet. I would spend most of my time surfing away and would get all my entertainment from it, obviating the need to have a book - I do have the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare after all! So give the book to the native girl - that should keep her busy, as I'm not allowed to!

John Baxter

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