River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Comedians and Politicians

April 2002

It's not what you say but how you say it

I find it isn't just Comedians cracking jokes that make me laugh but situations as well, and mostly these involve Politicians. I have just been reading about when Ted Heath was Prime Minister in 1974 and he decided to call a snap General Election. So he rang up Jo Grimond, who at that time was leader of the Liberal Party. When Ted Heath got through to Jo he started to explain what a mess the Country was in hence the Election. It turned out that Jo had just bought some young ducklings, which he had got in a cardboard box in his study, and just as the phone had started to ring they had escaped from the box and were running all over the place. With Ted Heath running on about the state of the Country, Jo Grimond interrupted just about the most important man in the Country saying, 'Could you excuse me for a few moments, I want to catch my ducks'. I rather like that, to hell with the Country, my ducks are far more important.

Can you just imagine Ted Heath at the other end going just about crazy? How well I remember the late Airey Neave, I think that's how you spelt his name; you may recall he was blown up in his car by the I.R.A. He was making a speech in the House of Commons just after they had started to televise Parliament. He complained in his speech that he had been got at by the Marketing People. They told him that with the TV camera's about appearance was everything. 45% was the clothes he wore, 25% the way he stood, 28% who he stood next to and that left only 2% for what he had to say, which the Marketing People didn't think was of much importance in any case. Mr. Neave, who had less hair than you find on a snooker ball, brought the House down when he concluded, 'They even had the nerve to criticise my hair style'. Brilliant stuff, but as we all know it isn't so much what you say, but how you say it.

It could be of course that this isn't quite your scene, you may prefer 'real' jokes. In that case try these two. Two cannibals are eating a Clown and one say's to the other, 'Doesn't this taste a bit funny to you?' No not happy with that? Try this one. Two cannibals, Father and Son, are walking along a beach on a very hot summers day when they come across a beautiful girl in a bikini. The Son say's to his Father, 'Let's eat her'. The Father replies, 'No let's take her home and eat your Mother'. Still not happy, I've told you before, you really should give up watching 'Home and Away'. No I don't think it matters what sort of jokes you like as long as you keep at work on that sense of humour. Lose that and you really have lost everything.

Les Lawrence

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