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Tomorrow's the Day

February 2002

United we stand, divided we fall

Disconcerting readers will be more than aware of my dislike of TV programmes such as Home and Away, Coronation Street, Eastenders, and Emmerdale Farm. What a waste of time watching that lot! We would all be better off sitting on the Church Roof. So let's get the magic wand out and wipe our TV screens free of all that nonsense. Well what do we replace these programmes with? More football, more snooker, golf, you name it. Or should we have four or five times a week of my favourite programme, Question Time, which is a programme of topical debate? Well I don't know. But at least I think we would be beginning to get somewhere.

Topical debate, now that's what I like, because I think that is at the heart of all of our problems. We don't debate enough, that is at least collectively. If we refer to the 'Favor Parker Issue' a subject currently being aired in the pages of our Village Pump, if anyone thinks that FP will remove themselves from the centre of Stoke Ferry just because a handful of people have written some letters, and how brilliantly they were indeed written, then they are mistaken! The subject will die a death. What is needed is Collective Debate in which we are all involved.

Remember, united we stand divided we fall. Let's say we get rid of FP then what? We are back to the TV programmes; what do we replace it with? Of course Stoke Ferry without FP in the centre would be a better place, but what do we do with the empty spaces? FP has no doubt left behind some houses, but is that it? End of story? Surely it should only be the beginning. FP is only one subject we can address; there are others.

I will always maintain that we live in a very exciting world; my world, the world of tomorrow. That's when we begin Constructive Collective Debate, which will lead to Collective Action. Can't be done? Don't you believe it. I don't consider FP is enemy number one. Our battle is against a much more difficult opponent, APATHY. If we can win our fight against that, then FP has no chance.

So how do we come together Collectively? And I think we have to look no further than our Village Pump, which as we know, covers not just one, but a number of Villages. Who would be silly enough to suggest that each of these Villages segregate and go their separate ways and each produce their own Newsletter? We are much better for being a collective unit. It is only when you go down this road of togetherness that you see the potential that is ahead of you. Mr. Editor, I have taken up too much of your valuable space; can I with your permission resume from here in your next Issue?

Les Lawrence

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