War Memorial Gary Trouton

The Story So Far

February 2002

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Les's ambition is to write a Best Seller, but finds if difficult to find suitable material. He forms a clandestine relationship with Anne the delectable Secretary to the suave and somewhat sophisticated Editor of the highly acclaimed Village Pump. In the meantime the search for the right material continues.

Les woke early that morning and headed straight to the shower. It wasn't long before his marvelous baritone voice filled the room. How often had his singing been compared to that American Legend, Humphrey Bogart? A quick breakfast and Les jumped into his Austin Seven Convertible, (£154 monthly payments over two years with heavy penalties for early redemption.) and headed to Stoke Ferry. An appointment with Editor Ray Thompson had to be kept at 9am, a very significant meeting.

Les had recently given up his full time job in order to concentrate on his one ambition, the completion of his Best Seller. However, funds were needed to finance his somewhat lavish life style and, to this end, his meeting with the Editor was crucial. Les considered that the articles, like what he wrote, for the Village Pump, were of such high quality that substantial payments were called for. Walking purposefully into the offices of the Village Pump, Les was immediately impressed by what he saw. Four-inch high heels, fish net stockings that graced such glorious legs; yes Les had to concede that Editor Thompson did indeed cut a dashing if not a somewhat unusual figure.

Surprisingly, the discussion was brief. Our Esteemed Editor was only too willing to accede to Les's demands. He knew talent when he saw it and talent comes with a price. With that problem solved another one needed attention. Les's clandestine affair with Anne had to be brought out into the open. And what better way to go public than to escort the delectable Anne to that evening's Gala Dinner Dance at Wereham Village Hall. Music for Dancing was being supplied by the Hilgay Silver Band, with guest vocalist, if his Post Office duties permitted, Ken English, who's voice had won, according to him, many admirers, mostly at a distance.

Later that day Les with Anne on his arm walked proudly into Wereham Village Hall. The band was playing that haunting melody, '0 Sol A Mia'. Unfortunately, Ken English, the guest vocalist, was singing 'I belong to Glasgow' and somewhat off key. Eventually, like all good things, the Dance came to an end. And it was when leaving the Hall that Anne, unfortunately, lost her balance and fell into Wereham Pond. Les, confident that someone would come to her aid, sped home to Methwold where he could plan his next move in the never ending search for material for his Best Seller.

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