River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting (8th November 2001)

February 2002

Minutes of the meeting held at 7:30om in the school

PRESENT. Chairman, V.Chairman & Messrs Patterson, Bonnett, Ward, & Jagger plus five members of the public and Mr. T.Manley Borough Councillor.

APOLOGIES, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Leamon and Mr. Kerchen..

MINUTES of previous meeting read and signed as a true record.


1. Two further quotes had been received for work on cemetery land, namely £3,750.00 plus VAT from Norfolk County Services and £1,900 plus VAT from Country Grounds Maintenance Ltd, it was decided to accept the one from C. Grounds M. Ltd. Mr. Glover would commence the work this autumn/winter and sow the land next spring.

2. It had been noted that Mr Allaway, of Ferry Stores was contravening the planning regulations with regard to his car repairing business. To contact the planning dept.

3. A memorial wreath had been purchased.

4. Mr. King had been approached re keeping village tidy; a remuneration of £20 per month to be paid from 1/10/2001 was agreed.

5. Borough Council will empty litter bin provided by Parish Council. Mr. White offered to supply two for the village.


1. Bennett. Micklefields. Four sun lounges to bungalows. Perm granted by Borough Council.

2. Fielder, Oxborough Rd. Existing building as garage. Perm granted by Borough Council

3. Bennett. Micklefield. Sun lounge to bungalow. Parish Council approved.


Community Centre. £8.80, C.Grounds Maintenance, £500.59, Whiteaway Skip, £70.50, East,Contracting £238.98,

Poppy Day Wreath £25.00, Donation to Air Ambulance £20.00.

Passed for payment. Prop.Mr Patterson, 2nd Mr. Ward.


1. Request for donation from Anglian Air Ambulance. Agreed £20.00.

2. Eastern Energy now known as TXU Energi.

3. New controls proposed for Planning Authority

4. Audit Commission proposes that 5% of Parishes should be audited each year, random selection, cost to parish approx. £50.00.

5. Concurrent Functions grant this year £709.00

6. Ack.from NARS. For £25.00 donation.

7. Highways, Area Engineer, Mr. G. Simpson agreed to meet Mr. White (Chairman) to discuss highway matters.

8. Minutes of Favor Parker Liaison Committee Meeting.

9. Consultation Paper -Members Allowance. Parish Council asked to state their views, but all were agreed that no payments should be made to Councillors.

11. Borough Council Landscape Officer had notified parish of a Mr. Pearson, Whitebridge Farm, Oxborough Rd who had volunteered his services as a Tree Warden for the village


1. To contact B.T. re telephone kiosk, it is a listed building and has been vandalised.

2. Mr. Pearson was at the meeting and council accepted his offer to be a tree warden.

3. To ask blacksmith for estimate to repair the bus shelter

4. Concern at the parking on pavement outside All Saints House.

5. It was noted that the Youth Club had not attended a parish council meeting of late.

6. Drain blocked in Buckland Drive near fish shop, also manhole cover nearby was cracked. To report.

7. To arrange a meeting between Mr. White and Mr. Simpson AREA Engineer.

8. Inform police of the vandalism and behaviour of some of the unruly element in the village

9. To request Borough Council to remove graffiti from B.C. garage doors.

Meeting ended 9.10pm. Next meeting 17th January 2002.

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