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Runnin' on

February 2002

Radio shows remembered

Watching a flock of fieldfares eating the bright red berries on our rowan tree, I thought what a shame it is that they are such timid birds. I would love to go and stand by the tree to admire the attractive creatures but I know they would fly away if I even opened the front door. Binoculars wouldn't be any help either. Still I stand at the window and admire our visitors and hope nothing will disturb their feast.

It did occur to me how little I know about my feathered friends, can different types of bird communicate with other birds? I know that when one panics it sets off a chain reaction, but that's a natural safety feature we all share.

I think that family pets have a mutual understanding with each other, well cats and dogs seem to, I suppose they are on the same level and fairly equal too. I'm not going to suggest other pets are. Our cat would regard all sorts of mice as food I suspect! I doubt if a pet mouse would kindle any brotherly love in our Toby's heart.

In last month's Village Pump our editor asked us if we had any memory joggers from our radio past, well, I used to rush home from school to listen to Childrens' Hour, it never let me down. I used to listen to the boys boarding school stories, what Jennings and Derbyshire got up to used to be a lot more exciting than anything I ever managed. I would have gone willingly to their boarding school.

Then of course there was Mrs Dale's Diary. Mrs Dale was forever worried about "Jim", that was her husband, an excellent doctor. Sister Sally, a bit of a society girl led a very exciting life and got about a bit! Mrs Dale's Mother was a demanding lady, she had a cat called Captain who was the apple of her eye, and obviously very pampered, I had always thought Captain had a nice ring to it as a cat's name and we used it for a very handsome cat of ours. During the years that I listened to the programme the Dale children grew up, until I went to write this I had their names on the tip of my tongue, now I'm not at all sure if I have got it right with Bob and Jenny!

Billy Cotton's Band Show was one of our Sunday treats and we were reminded of it when we were stationed at R.A.F. Marham. One evening the band at the Mess had Billy's daughter as their singer, it all brought back some memories I can tell you.

Wilfred Pickles and his wife Mabel had a pianist on their show, she used to belt out the signature tune and she was of course the lady who was to become Ena Sharples on Coronation Street . Where would " Have a Go" got to without her? I know we all loved to see if we could answer the questions that Wilfred put to the people who were brave enough to go on the stage. If they did well, and they usually did, Wilfred used to say, "Give them the money Mabel!"

All this wandering down Memory lane needs is a quarter of a pound of Sharps Toffees to make my day complete!

Janet Tilburn

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