River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Just Round The Bend

February 2002

Have I been here before?

There is of course a very good explanation for all of this and people who have known me for years can easily tell you my problem. They know, as many do, that I'm completely round the bend. I have been thinking. About what? Well, about whether we have all been this way before and whether we will, one day, make a return visit.

Many years ago I played tennis for our Club here in Methwold. I don't know if we played at Outwell or Upwell. It was one or the other and, as far as I knew, I had never set foot in either place. Come to think of it I have never returned. What I do know is that I had this strange feeling all of that evening that I knew this place. I felt at home there. I knew I had been there before. Who won the Tennis Match? No idea! Did I win my game? Can't remember. But I can remember how I felt that night.

Another area where I get this feeling is at Watton. I like Watton. Can't stand Thetford and Downham, I can take it or leave it. But Watton, that's different; but why? Years ago I don't think I went anywhere near the darn place and yet I am sure I lived in the Watton area for many years. I know I did! Or is it more simple than that? Am I just simply just round the bend?

So much for the past, what about the future? A return visit? You bet! But this time I want it to be different. I don't want to leave school at 13, but to go to University until I'm 22 or 23. Think of the articles I would be able to write for our Village Pump with that sort of education. Will it be OK if I leave looking after the Chaff at Threshing Time to someone else? And will I be missed very much down on Methwold Fen if I give digging up the carrots a miss? It was great fun, but once was more than enough. Fresh from University I shall go abroad for a year, travelling by sea. The only travelling on water I have ever done was on Hunstanton Boating Lake and I had to pack that up because I felt seasick. Oh, and by the way, I shall certainly want to be a Musician! As you know I have already got my Saxophone so I'm on the way. The more I think about it, the more exciting this is. You must always have something to look forward to so from now on my slogan is 'If you don't make it in this world there's always the next one'.

Make no mistake, I'm not surprised I haven't got anywhere in this world, I'm saving myself for the next one!

Les Lawrence

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