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It Suits Me Fine

February 2002

Throw our your greys and browns

They are, I hear, back in fashion, and thank goodness for that. What am I on about? Men's Suits. £600million was spent last year, which was a 10% increase on the previous year, and no one is more pleased about this than I am. How well I remember how I got it all so wrong all those years ago.

It was just after the last war and, with people earning more money than they had ever earned before, I forecast that our Village Halls would be packed out with Ballroom Dancers. All immaculately dressed; women in Ball Gowns, men in Dinner Suits. Well just how wrong can you get it? I didn't know what I was on about. Before I knew what had happened, Pop Groups had replaced Dance Bands; Disco Dancing was the rage and the Dancers didn't even look as smart as I did when I went carrot digging. I can never understand the thinking which make people want to, what I think is called, 'dressing down'.

I know a couple of dear Ladies who won't go down to the village shop without first checking their make up and combing their hair; even at times changing their clothes. What on earth is wrong with wanting to look your best, and very importantly, at all times. I'm well aware that not everyone can go to work in his or her best clothes. Someone has to pack the lettuces and the rest. I know, I've been there. But when the day's work is over, now that's another matter. So is there a problem here? I think there is.

Most people I know have a fair amount of common sense, but very few have any dress sense. How often do you see men and women who, when it comes to buying clothes, just haven't got a clue? My advice, and I know you will say you can manage without it, is to any man or women, if you would only go to your wardrobe and throw out anything which vaguely looks like brown or grey, get rid of it. It does nothing for you. Disconcerting readers will remember when I went on about my red Jacket, which I'm too scared to wear, and why? Because just about every other man I come across is wearing a brown or grey one with the result I would stand out as a complete pillock with my red one. I should be the norm not the exception.

What's wrong with us men wearing red, green, yellow, you name it? Let's brighten ourselves up. When I go out with my wife, I'm pretty proud of her. She hasn't just got a lot of sense, well she married me don't forget. I don't know but there are just some people make the most brilliant choices! Anyway, she's also got a lot of dress sense as well. She threw her browns and greys out long ago or, put it another way, she never did have any.

Les Lawrence

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