River Wissey Lovell Fuller


February 2002

New owners at the Corner Shop, wheelie bins and ornithology

I am pleased to be able to report that the new owners of the Corner Shop, Martin and Mart Turver, have kindly agreed to continue the sponsorship of the Pump crossword. On the negative side, however, Radio Norfolk has still not been able to produce a new issue of Garden Talk. They are now promising a combined December - January edition by the end of the month. Perhaps you gardeners could keep your fingers crossed for me? Despite the lack of guidance, I have noted many of you have made an early start on the garden this year. The local tip is already over flowing with garden waste. But isn't it good to see the first of the spring flowers pushing up through the soil?

On the question of waste disposal, how are you all coping with the Wheelie Bins? I notice that many people are still confused about what goes in the re-cycle box, what goes in the bin and what has to go direct to the tip. The requirement to re-cycle bottles and other glass items direct to the bottle banks is becoming a real headache. Since Christmas, and I realise that was a busy period, I have been unable to find a bottle bank that could one more bottle. The banks at Crimplesham and Somerfields in Downham have been so full that people have taken to leaving stacks of bottles in bags and boxes beside the bank. Is it possible, I wonder, that the Borough Council failed to take note of their own directive regarding bottles? They certainly don't appear to have increased the frequency of bank replacements to cope with the extra load generated by the new rules.

The second problem with the new procedures appears to be the wheelie bins themselves. Once emptied, they are left outside their owner's property and become subject to much abuse from the elements and vandals alike. With the recent high winds, I have seen wheelie bins scattered far and wide along the A10. Ah well, I suppose it takes time for any new system to settle down.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Welney Wild Life Trust to watch the swan feeding. Feedings take place at 12.00 noon and 3.30 p.m. every day and, additionally, at 6.30pm (under floodlights) on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We attended the floodlight session and found ourselves once again enchanted by the event. Much credit must go to the young lady who conducted an entertaining commentary whilst trying to feed well over a thousand birds all demanding more food. The Wild Fowl Trust recommends the 3.30p.m. feeding at this time of the year, because many of the birds fly into to the trust at around that time. Whatever time you chose, be prepared to be amazed at the numbers and variety of bird on display. Essential pre-visit reading is the article by Odd Billie!

Ray Thompson

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