War Memorial Gary Trouton

On The Buses

January 2002

Take the bus, at least you can drink when you get there!

Then of course there's what I call the social side; you can talk to other people on a bus. Where's the pleasure in sitting in a tin box all on your own? Of course if you prefer your own company, well I'm sorry but if that's the case then there's no hope for you. If you want to travel and the buses are not running well yes you have no choice. But if you have a choice you should take it.

Fancy a drink while you are in Lynn? Fine, you are not driving. I'm not too pleased to say I have had a drink before now and got into my car. Let's hope I've got more sense now and, if I haven't and PC you know throws the book at me, serves me right. As for those who want speed cameras painted so they can see them, well what a joke. If you are caught doing what you shouldn't be doing, tough luck; pay up, it's your fault.

If more of us travelled by bus then they would run more frequently. If only the day would come when you didn't need a car. Let's face it; they are status symbols more than anything. I would be delighted to sell mine. When I think of the thousands of pounds I have spent on cars; not just Insurance etc, but depreciation as well; value for money? You must be joking!

Talking of cars takes me back to years ago when some character who lived near by and was called Corky Causton. That's the point don't people have nicknames now-a-days, do they? Mine was Chinky, which came about when at school; I always seemed to have styes with the result that my eyes were very often half shut. Back to Corky who had just bought an M G and one Saturday morning with the hood down, and freezing like mad, we headed for Stoke Ferry. Why? I haven't the faintest idea. What I do know is on the way back we called at The Swan Pub at Brookville where we each had more than a whisky or two and did we need it? We were nearly dying of cold.

Later that Saturday afternoon I was playing football on Methwold Rec. and I still think it took me until half time before I sobered up. Something to be proud of? Well yes I agree, not really! And yet who wants to be perfection personified? We all have our faults, and I have more than my fair share, and the remarkable thing is that if I meet someone who's a 'bit of a crook' there is something there that I quickly warm to; yes it's a funny old world.

Les Lawrence

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