Wereham Sign Gary Trouton

It's Simply A Pleasure

January 2002

Les Lawrence looks over his recent ramblings

The remarkable thing is that it is this group who interest me the most and I have been wondering why and my conclusions are that it is all down to sportsmanship. I have always been, I think, a good loser and even today I'm not always on the winning side. Of course we have to bring the opposite sex into this; well as I have said before we must get our priorities right! Anyway there is this young Lady who certainly impresses me but unfortunately every time we meet I am convinced she doesn't even see me. There 1 am standing on the street corner, no I haven't got an old mac, along comes the delectable Miss Jones and I'm sure she thinks I'm a electric light post or something.

In spite of that it still helps my day along and, if we can get back to the subject, so does my writing. I got a good deal of pleasure writing a recent article which 1 called 'Are you sure it's You' when I suggested that Ken English of Wereham Post Office was in fact King Abdullar of Jordan. The mention of Ken took me back to when I was a frequent visitor to his Shop. On asking him the time this grown up man would look at his watch and respond, 'Mickey Mouse has just gone past Pluto'. I never did find out what the time was.

Enquiring if he sold whatever he would suggest 'Well we don't give them away'. Without doubt Ken's sense of humour goes down the same road as mine and long may it continue. Just down the road from Ken's is of course the 'George and Dragon' a Pub I mentioned in another one of my articles. It was in this Pub that I had the pleasure of seeing a Barmaid to beat all other Barmaids; none other than the late Alice Cooper. How many times have I informed Alice that being a person of some importance and also that I was in a hurry could she pour my pint out a bit quicker? I have always considered 1 had a certain command of the Queen's English, but Alice's reply, peppered with a number of expletives, soon put me in the shade.

What a pleasure it was to be insulted by our Alice. She was such a character and I'm not sure there are many left now a days. To me this is the pleasure of writing. It can take you down memory lane, you can comment on what you see today, or you can write about the future. It's all down to you the so-called Author. If you have a conversation with someone they can interrupt you, make you lose track of what you wanted to say; but when you pick up a pen, nothing, just nothing, can distract you. Just a minute, you remember I mentioned Her who thinks I'm an electric light post? She's just walked by my window, forget the writing, I've lost complete interest and, not only that, my Wife has gone out!

Les Lawrence

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