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Desert Island Discs

January 2002

A reader shares their choice of records and luxury item

I can't think anyone will be interested in my choice of records if I was stranded on a desert island, but I'm going to write them anyway!

All that solitude would drive me crazy, so I'd certainly need some music. I love so many pieces of music that my choice was double hard, but, in the end, I have plumped for music that reminds me of times and places and home.

I would chose:

* The Birds by sweet people - to remind me of lovely spring mornings.

* Hev' yer got a loight bor? - definitely a reminder of my beloved Norfolk.

* Jerusalem sung by a choir - a reminder of happy times spent with ladies of the WI.

* Abide with me - to bring back memories of happy and sad occasions.

* I vow to thee my country - to remind me of England because I am so patriotic.

* Nursery Rhymes - to remind me of all the babies in my life and the number of times I have sung them.

* Sisters by the Beverley Sisters - for obvious reasons.

Onward Christian Soldiers - when we were young our family would gather round the piano, which our Mum played, and belt this out.

My luxury item would have to be a hairbrush!!! I'd have to cheat on the book, as I would like my scrapbook(s), which I've kept since 1959, detailing all the news items connected with the village and local happenings and family news. I would just hate to be parted from them as they contain so many memories - both happy and sad - and in fact are a record of our lives. I don't suppose I would be allowed all my photo albums; but I really love them too.

Actually, I can't think of anything worse than being marooned by myself on a Desert Island so I wouldn't last long; I'd just pine away!

Audrey McBride

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