River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Not Another AGM

December 2001

Are you candidate?

All of this of course reminds me of years gone by; now just a minute let me remind disconcerting readers that you don't become as boring as I am just by chance, an element of skill is, believe you me, required. Anyway years ago I too was elected to 'high office' on one or two of our village organisations. I was for some 15 years Treasurer of our Village Social Club for which I received a small remuneration; our Editor may wish to spend sometime reflecting on this observation! I digress, but every year there was no opposition to my re-election, which initially I knew was due to the fact that they recognised a good man when they saw one. It later dawned on me, I think it was one morning, that the reason they kept on re-electing me was because they darned well couldn't get anyone else to do it. After some 15 years in the same job I decided to let it be known that a new Chairman was required, the present one was old and past it and I was just what was needed to lead our Club to the Promised Land. You see, even in those days I had Religious Tendencies.

Come the AGM I had been proposed and seconded and the result was considered a foregone conclusion. Well you know how it is; some people just can't help being popular. Little did I know that dark deeds were afoot, the retiring Chairman had previously decided he had had enough and would not stand again, leaving the way clear for me to walk in unopposed. On the night of the AGM a change of heart had taken place, organised by his rotten supporters, as a result a vote had to be taken. In spite of my persistent requests for a recount it turned out I got 22 votes and he got 66 with the result that not only was I no longer Treasurer I wasn't anything; I was off the Committee with a flea in my ear. All of this had such a profound effect on me that for several months I didn't speak to anyone including my Wife. I did of course continue to speak to a young Lady who was a continuous source of inspiration to me during those troubled times, but this is a subject I would not wish to elaborate on. Later with my confidence restored I attended the inaugural meeting of our Village Tennis Club and sure enough I was elected Secretary.

On reflection, and it saddens me to say this, but I was only elected after the seventh person was asked and declined. Is it any wonder that I have never possessed the confidence I feel I should have? I did however feel fairly reassured when recently, calling at the home of our Editor, he quickly offered me a large glass of his excellent red wine. My confidence however quickly returned to it's normal zero when I was informed that a small charge to cover corkage of 4/6p would have to be made. It wasn't having to pay for the wine that upset me, I thought the least he could have done was to have invited me in!

Les Lawrence

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