War Memorial Gary Trouton

It's Tomorrow That Counts

December 2001

What does the future hold for Stoke Ferry?

I just wondered where would she be in say 50 odd years from now when she's about the age I am now. What job or jobs will she have had, a family maybe? While I'm not of the view that my days are over I have to admit more of my life is behind me rather than in front; how different from this young lady with her whole life ahead of her. She lives somewhere, but where? I don't know. I didn't ask her. For all I know she might live in Stoke Ferry and, with that, my mind went there.

What would Stoke Ferry be like in 50 years time, I wondered? This young lady could now be back in the village of her birth having travelled the world, who knows? So what sort of Stoke Ferry would she find? The Church - surely that would still be standing, but as empty as indeed it is today! Will Favor Parker's still dominate the village as some Scribe by the name of Purfleet, described it all those years ago? And what of the Village Pump? Will it have folded may years ago, or will it have grown to be a Magazine with very few equals as some know all character from Methwold said on many occasions it had the potential to become. What of the population, how large will the village be; how many shops and pubs will be open? Will there be a football team, cricket, tennis, you name it. Will this young lady walk down Stoke Ferry High Street in 50 years time and, don't forget, you can delete Stoke Ferry and insert whatever place you wish, and be proud of what she see or not. Who knows, we can't know because all of this is the future, but we can shape our future. The harvest, which we eventually reap, will owe much to what we are sowing now.

I have always held the view that you should never be satisfied with what you have; you should always want more. To me this is not greed but ambition and take that away and what are you left with? The answer is the past. Ambitions are the future and that, if you recall, is where this young lady came in. You thought going to a Supermarket just to buy some sugar was a simple operation. Oh no! It's far more complex than that; well it is for me.

Les Lawrence

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