River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Imaginings / Falling in Love Again

December 2001

A poetic double bill

Have you ever had a dream, where words are soft and sweet?

Yet when the morning light returns, those words are out of reach!

Have you ever heard a song, whose words your mind had buried deep?

The words will only come alive, in the darkness of your sleep.

Have you ever felt a touch - which seemed to reach your soul?

Passion steaming deep within, yet when you wake you're cold!

If only life were like a dream, attached without the strings

The perfect lullaby is only sung in our imaginings.

Without you, shadows fill my mind,I open my eyes, but I am blind.Not wanting to know - yet wanting to touch:I think I'm wanting you too much!

I know that I must not fall so fast;I must let a little more time go pas.Yet I already feel myself letting go -Blind to things I need not know!

Shadows around me are pictures of you -Gazing above, with so much to do!I know that I must stop running in fright -Stop clinging to darkness, clinging to night.

I hope you'll be there to hold my hand -And try to help me understand.

Kelly Mitchell (reproduced by kind permission of Geoff H Robinson)

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