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December 2001

Ideas for a festive environmentalist

First a big thank you to those of you who wrote to me with encouragement and ideas. I have not included any of your ideas this time because I am focusing on Christmas but they will appear in the January article. Please keep them coming.

Christmas is a time when our exuberance produces a lot of waste.

  1. When you use aluminium foil, if possible wash the foil and re-use it. When no longer usable wash, scrunch up and put out in the green recycling box along with your cans, pie cases etc.. Better still roast in a roasting dish with a reusable lid.

  2. Compost all those peelings - it will be great for your garden. If you don't already have a compost bin the Borough council are selling them cheap, call 0895 1308686.

  3. Separate the paper wrapping paper from the foil wrapping paper. Remove any tape from the paper wrapping paper ready to go out in your green recycling box (the council have said that they will take it.)

  4. Don't forget that if you have too much for your green re-cycling box other recyclable materials can be put in a bag and left on or beside your box for collection.

  5. Christmas trees: the best environmental solution is to buy an artificial tree because it will last for years. If however you prefer a "real tree" look out for tree shredding schemes once Christmas is over or take it to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Crimplesham from where it will be composted.

  6. Open all those envelopes with a paper knife then they can be re-used. If you want some attractive labels for them write to Rural Labels, 51, High St., Minster in Thanet, Kent. CT12 4BU. (£2.95 for 50)

The aim of this column is to publicise good ideas for both the committed and the reluctant environmentalist. I have some ideas to contribute but for this to really work I will need your ideas too.

Nigel Tuffnell

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