River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Green Living

November 2001

More environmental tips for the non-environmentalist

The aim of this column is to publicise good ideas for both the committed and the reluctant environmentalist. I have some ideas to contribute but for this to really work I will need your ideas too. So please write to me at the address below and together we might just make a difference. So far no one has contacted me. Has no one any ideas? If you are too shy to have your name in print just say and I'll include your idea anonymously.

Here are a few more ideas from me. You can make a difference. Don't be overwhelmed by the problems facing the planet. Simple actions by you are important.

  1. The problem of waste is huge and no one can escape from it. But we can do a great deal to help by choosing products with the least packaging, composting and enthusiastically using our new green recycling boxes. If you think that you wheelie bin is too small - think again. Think where that waste can go. If you're not willing to have a landfill site over your back fence then don't complain about having to separate your rubbish for recycling. It's your choice reduce waste and recycle or landfill. Which do you choose?

  2. Last week I made the suggestion that you could consider "green electricity" thus acting to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used and greenhouse gases produced during electricity generation. I'm trying to do this myself and it can be difficult to get clear answers for energy companies. The whole area can be a little confusing but important so if you are interested please give me a ring and I'll help to guide you through the maze.

  3. Some more energy saving tips: Go for double glazed windows which open rather than air-conditioning. Do you need the lights on - use natural light where you can. Turn off all machines and lights when not needed. Again use low energy bulbs and ensure that your house is as well insulated as possible.

Revd Nigel Tuffnell

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