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November 2001

A new resident gives their view on Stoke Ferry

As a newcomer to the village of Stoke Ferry (having moved from Hampshire) I feel compelled to write in reply to the article reproduced from The Lynn News entitled 'How Did They Get Away With It?'

I entirely concur with the comments in the article relating to the position and obvious growth of Favor Parker within village. However, in answer to the question 'Who would make their home here, consider buying a property here?' The answer is 'We would and have'. The reason for our move was twofold. Firstly to be near our daughter and secondly because we fell in love with the property which would have been way beyond our means in Hampshire. There are many attractive properties in Stoke Ferry.

In view of the Favor Parker syndrome, would we have bought if our daughter and family had not been living here? Probably not as they were our main reason for moving. However, (Favor Parker apart) we have no regrets whatsoever for the following reasons:

Yes, Favor Parker is a blot on the landscape and would that it could be moved a few fields away from the village but, life is not perfect anywhere, and - on balance - IF we were 'trapped' in Stoke Ferry (as the article suggested we already are) we would certainly survive better than most!

As a positive suggestion from this newcomer, perhaps the Parish Council could propose to Favor Parker that they purchase a small motorised roadsweeper (electric? - perhaps Gerald would love it!) to clean the main streets of the village on a weekly basis. There is no doubt that the dusty residue produced by FP does clog the gutters even way down the High Street. The cleaner effect of the whole village and the PR generated would surely be well worthwhile.

A happy new resident,

Pat Holton

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