River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Off To Chapel

October 2001

An accepted invitation

What with Adultery now on the off list, and a certain medical Lady telling me to cut down on the Whiskey, I'm just wondering if a certain spark in my life could now be missing. I'm somewhat digressing so back to the Chapel. Since my invitation some 70 Sundays ago I have attended Chapel on some 69 occasions, so my attendance record is quite good. During this time I calculate that I have sung some 300 Hymns, none of which I know. I'm not sure if this constitutes a record; if so I doubt if it will find it's way into the Guinness Book of Records as it seems from what I hear that alcohol and our Chapel doesn't seem to mix. It would appear that my newly acquired religious friends have gone for the jugular as far as the two Hymns I do know are concerned. To date we haven't sung them once. At this rate there is a very good chance that when my final day does arrive and our Chapel will echo to these good old favourites, it just seems somewhat unfortunate from my point of view that I wont be in a position to join in.

Another new experience for me is to listen to the Sermon, which normally lasts for some 15 minutes, and keeping quite for that length of time as well. I'm just wondering if a Sermon should be a two-way affair although I must admit you can't expect the Preacher to say half way through, 'What do you think to it so far?' Yet another new experience is being stopped in the street and asked about my Chapel goings. 'Have you seen the light?' or 'Have you been converted? seem to be top of most peoples lists. I find that very few people go to Chapel and I often wonder why this is and what can be done about it.

Consideration I think should be given to the Hymns. Whilst I agree with the lyrics I get the impression that you make the tunes up as you go along; at least it sounds like it. All of this is a shame really because I don't think it would take much to bring about a revival in Chapel going. But I still think that Religion, like any thing else, has to be sold and the quicker we get out there on the door steps the better.

Les Lawrence

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