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Minutes Of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting

October 2001

Held on the 5th July 2001 at 7:30pm

PRESENT V.Chairman,, & Messrs Patterson, Bonnett, Ward, Mrs. Leamon and Mrs. Lewis plus seven members of the public, and Mr T.Manley. B.C.

APOLOGIES , Chairman. Mr A.White.

MINUTES of previous meeting read and signed as a true record.


1. The cemetery land had now been sprayed.


1. Bennett. Micklefields. Sun lounge to bungalow. Parish Council approved.

2. Bennett. Micklefields. Conservatory to bungalow. Parish Council approved.

3. Coleridge..Greatmans Way. Demolish and replace dwelling. Parish Council approved.

4. Allaway. Ferry Stores. Change of use to car repairs. Parish Council objected.

5. Borough Council refused permission for Chapman. Batching Plant.

6. Borough Council granted permission for the following:-

Price/Rogers. Clifton Hse. Amended design two dwellings.

Gardner, Wretton Rd. Replacement dwelling.

Austin, Lynn Rd. Extension.

Teasdale, Greatmans Way. Extension.

Lewis, Trafalgar Hse, garage and storage.

Sawatzki, Little Lane, extension.

McCormack, Littlemans Way, stable block and tack room.



1. Cheque for £12.00 received from B.Council re Election..

2. Enforcement officer wrote re Bashams Quarry. Confirmed that the access did not comply with plan.perm, but nevertheless it did not affect h/w safety and therefore no further action would be taken.

3. Parish Review. Final proposals. P.Council to query one point.

4. Highways investigating earlier matters. Bridge works to take six weeks due to unexpected faulty steelwork.

5. Planning officer had investigated marquee at the back of the Millers Arms. Publican to apply for permission..

6. Notice of weight restriction in the village of Stoke Ferry received.

7. Police requested further details of speeding through village.

8. Letter from Mayor offering to visit village, school, etc.

9. Fens Access Project. Parish Council accepted offer of new signs, hitching posts and simple wooden benches.

10. Received minutes of Favor Parker Liaison Committee Meeting.

11 N.County Legal Dept had requested more information re Dedication of footpath by Mr. Waters to S.Ferry in 1969. Clerk had forwarded copies of accounts showing payments to solicitors, had also received a copy of document from Mrs. Y.Self (the daughter of Mr. Waters).


1. To request Mr. Chapman to mark footpath at Oxborough Rd.

2. Highway matters. Hedge cutters are knocking down signs., gully blocked at junction of Wretton Rd/Austin Drive. Manhole in Buckingham Drive has sunk. Holes in Furlong Rd where it meets by-pass. Footpath from Toll corner to bridge cracked.

3. Messrs Mycock,Patterson and Bonnett to decide on work needed on cemetery land.

4. Dog fouling still a problem in Furlong Rd./Buckingham Drive.

5. An old National bus seen parking on Stoke Hill where there is a weight restriction.

Public voiced their concern at extent of vandalism and theft in village, also the amount of litter on playing field, mainly broken bottles and empty drink cans


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