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It's Good To Write

October 2001

Show some creativity

Very few readers will accept that you have to be creative to write such as like what I write, but there we are. I have indicated in the past that I left school just before I was 14 and at times it shows. When I wrote about a clandestine meeting under Stoke Ferry Bridge, assuming you were unfortunate enough to read that one, I originally wrote about a 'candlestine meeting'. It was only when I was checking with my more knowledgeable Wife, who by the way went to Grammar School, well of course she would whereas I had to do with Primary School, I was informed that it wasn't 'Candlestine' but Clandestine. So if anyone fancies a 'Candlestine Meeting' I'm your man.

Another one of my mistakes is when I frequently use the expression, Disconcerting Readers' I am told again by the 'powers that be' that the word should be 'Discerning'; so there we are, you were right the first time it's all rubbish, isn't it? There is no way that you will be allowed to get away with that. If you can watch such utter rubbish as Coronation Street and Eastenders you should have no problem with like what I write.

I find it doesn't take me too much time to compose an article. I first write it by pen then I start typing it out and it is the typing that takes my time up as I can only type with one finger. How much I have always admired those ladies who can sit at their Typewriters, Computers, Word Processors, or whatever they have now-a-days, using all of their fingers at once. Little wonder they are the superior sex, and how some of them ever learn shorthand is beyond me. So summing up it would appear that I am looking for 'Disconcerting Readers' who might be interested in 'Candlestine Meetings', preferably under Stoke Ferry Bridge. If this is the stuff I come up with at 5-30 in the mornings, I just wonder what would happen if I started composing say at 10 o'clock at night, when I might just by chance have had the odd glass or two? Would I finish up writing what I think is called. 'Exotic Fiction' or has my lack of education let me down again?

Les Lawrence

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