War Memorial Gary Trouton

Harvest Fayre

October 2001

September's community event

As far as multicultural events go I think Stoke Ferry got as diverse as it could get with the Harvest Fayre. That's what singer Sian Croose from the Jones Project said to me as we sat sipping tea at a Greenpeace festival the next day. You know what you're going to get at a Greenpeace event; it's nice, mellow colourful, great music. But here in Stoke Ferry the blending of these things with our Local character at the Harvest Fayre give it a cutting edge.

We had loads of art, thanks to the Lottery and Council funded summer art workshops, the flags and banners were very impressive. Loads of Music, that's always high on my agenda. In a world of disco, karaoke and miming boy bands, it's important to experience people struggling and mastering real musical instruments. Respect to Dumpster Pop they've improved so much in one year and established a monster sound, I love 'em. Circus entertainers and puppet shows provided another aspect for the show and kept kids and adults amused all day. The great Sangrini was the hit of the day.

Numerous stalls, craft displays and the horticultural show gave the whole event an extra dimension an opportunity for locals to share their talent an interests. The children's play area was a bit blasted out by the music, sorry about that, better site planning next year. The good vibes were enhanced by a sacred play and the construction of a sacred circle onsite.

The Barn Dance in the evening was a bit chilly, But Sugarbeat continue to improve, as did the beer. Its great to see people let themselves go and enjoy a good dance. That's what Celidh is about. DJ PJ kept the beats pumping in the Club tent. Showing we can house traditional dance and house music without a cultural clash. Thanks to the Molly Dancers for turning up and ensuring the rain stayed away with their mysterious fenland dancing.

Thanks to all those who made a contribution big or small, it was important. There we many of us working on all cylinders and all help was welcome and appreciated. From the pergola assembling workshops on Saturday morning to the finishing off the left over beer workshop on Sunday afternoon. It would not happen without much selfless effort.

Maybe when some of the committee has recovered planning will begin for another Fayre next year. If you would like to be involved in that process, please give us a call: John on 01366 502050 or Chris on 01366 500872.

Class A - Vegetables - L Short, Stoke Ferry

Class B - Fruit - Patsy Lewis, Stoke Ferry

Class C - Flowers - Suzie Emmett, Oxborough

Class D - Jams and Pickles - Janet Burns, Whittington

Class E - Cakes - Linda Eyles, Stoke Ferry

Class G - Bread - Robert Lewis, Stoke Ferry

Class H - Beer and Wine - Nick Emmett, Oxborough

Class I - Novelty veg - Charlotte Adey, Stoke Ferry

Class J - Junior - Finn Jones

Best of Show Mr. L Shorts amazing parsnips.

See you next year. Thanks,

John C. Preston

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