River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Forget-Me-Not Club

October 2001

Recent events at the club

On the 15th August, Forget Me Not club held their Garden fete at Chairman's house in Buckingham Drive. It was a fantastic success with over £240.00 being raised for our funds. We have, since then, had three more donations for our Club. Thank you to everyone in the village who came and supported us, and for everyone who helped on the day.

The 29th August was also an outstanding success. A coach was hired and we all went to Hunstanton for the day. The weather was wonderful, another extremely hot day. Food was good, sea also and we left at 5.00 p.m.

We had two new members last month with another two this month. Our numbers are going up in leaps and bounds. At this rate we will soon need two coaches.

Our next meeting was on 12th September. We had David from BT to give advice on what is available to people of pensionable age, free of charge to make life easier for you. The last time he came we had 11 referrals for things to be done; all of which were done in a matter of days.

On the 26th September, the Forget Me Not club was invited to the Harvest Festival at Northwold.

Mrs Joyce Hull

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