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September 2001

Young contributors, Whitington Church, Money to money

Dear Sir,

May I thoroughly endorse the sentiments expressed in Ron Watts' letter last month? Yes, we do need a lot more "one off" contributors for this great magazine of ours but more especially we need articles from younger members.

I remember so well the refreshing and amusing reports from Sally Bonnett on her Australian trip. There are lots of clever, literate kids in our communities who could help put a better balance on the "Pump". After all, we 'old codgers' will not go on forever, and if there is no new talent following up behind, then one day the "Pump" will die. Now, I am not sure that you younger people would want that to happen, so start now - your experiences are just as interesting and you will perform a valuable service - keeping an excellent magazine alive for the future.

Graham Forster

Thank you very much for your generous contributions to the Whittington Church Restoration Fund.

You have raised £805.40 and this sum will be increased by over £150 when the tax rebate is collected.

Janet Burns

Dear Ray,

I wonder if anyone else is like me? Two steps forward and three steps back!

The harder I try to do things right the more I seem to get things wrong. I am trying to take things seriously and get debts paid. I have tried for the past four years to try and get some sort of routine with shopping; but I never seem to have enough money to buy exactly what I need.

You might ask me where I go wrong and I will reply, "I just don't know!" I write a list of things I need and I go shopping. When I get to the store I then have to cut back my list because I do not have enough money to buy the goods I want.

I have tried endless trust fund people to try and get some extra cash but I get the same old reply: "Sorry we are unable to help!" Yet I bet if I were not in debt and claimed, they would be only too pleased to swell my money. As the old saying goes, money goes to money.

So, readers, have you got a solution to my problem? Does it mean that I have to become a bad person? One who pinches and plunders and who always have to look over my shoulder in case The Old Bill is looking out for me?

Surely, there must be another way?


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