River Wissey Lovell Fuller

To Volunteer or Not?

September 2001

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Luck, however, was to play a very big part in solving my problem. I was at that time on rather friendly terms with a charming young Lady who I considered could well fit the bill. I frequently took her to the pictures, and on one or two occasions paid for her to go in although I was anxious not to make a habit of this. It was while we were at the pictures one night that there appeared to be rather a lull in the proceedings. I think what really happened was that Roy Rogers had fell off his horse so I decided to bring up this subject of a Wife. My timing was not as good as it could have been as, at the time, my young Lady was really enjoying an ice lolly. But in spite of that she seemed to suggest that my proposal had some merit and I was over the moon when she also agreed to pay for the honeymoon and most of the furniture.

The moral of my story, and disconcerting readers will be aware that there is one, even if at this moment I seem to have lost it. The moral is never sit back and wait for someone to volunteer. At that time there was a saying 'Strike while the iron is hot' which of course I did. Who's to say if Roy Rogers hadn't fell off his horse and I hadn't seized the opportunity when it presented itself, I might today be penning an advert for our Village Pump, 'Old man requires Wife, anything considered.'

Les Lawrence

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