River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Schooldays Not For Me

September 2001

Something to look forward to

When you start thinking of yesterday it brings out all of the pessimism in you. How often have you heard people say 'Wasn't too well last week', or 'Didn't win the Lottery yesterday', and 'Went to Bingo last week, didn't win though'? It's all depression. If on the other hand you concentrate on the future, then it's all to do with optimism. You hear such remarks as 'I'm changing my car next week', or 'I'm thinking of asking her with the short skirt out to dinner tomorrow night'. Its all forward planning; positive stuff. You have something to look forward to. Well you could have if it wasn't for that one word, No.

I'm told, by people who know more than I do, that the first word we ever heard was from our mothers and that word was, No! It was 'No, don't do that', or 'No, you mustn't do this'. Little wonder that when we wake up in the mornings we see one word on the bedroom ceiling, and it's No! Rejection is facing us before we even get out of bed. Will I be doing this or that tomorrow? And the answer is no way! How much easier it is to say, 'No, I don't think I'll bother'. I well remember when I was a youngster and I use to hear people who were as old as I am now saying, 'I remember when I was a boy' and I use to think let's hope I don't get as boring as that, and let's hope I'm not. Of course we should learn from the past so we don't make the same mistakes again, but let's look to the future whatever our ages. Yesterday has gone, and so has our school days. So why bother with them? And as we look forward don't let money be your God. If you won the Lottery what good would that do you? There's more to life than fast cars and even faster women. On reflection possible the odd £1 or so on the Lottery might not go amiss; after all you can't take it with you.

Les Lawrence

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