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Ley Lines

September 2001

A network of straight lines connects our Churches

The study of Ley Lines is generally attributed to the antiquarian Albert Watkins, who in the early 1920's while travelling across the hills of his home county of Herefordshire became aware that there was a network of straight lines all over the surface of the county.

My interest in these lines has led me to the discovery of four interesting lines all of which converge at Stoke Ferry Bridge.

The first starts at Denver Church then in a dead straight line passes through Wretton Church, then carries on to the Bridge, and then on to Whittington Church on the other side of the river.

The second line starts at Wimbotsham Church then passes through West Dereham Church, then on to Stoke Bridge, again all in a straight line.

The third line starts at Stow Cross Roads then goes through the Triangulation Station Highpoint, situated north west of Crimplesham, then passes through Crimplesham Church, on through Wereham Church, then on to the Bridge, again all in a straight line.

The fourth line is a longer line that starts at North Wootton Church, on the coast, passes through a natural well, which reputedly has some magical powers, then continues to an earth works at Middleton Mount. After that it continues to Shouldham Church, then on to Fincham Church Boughton Church and eventually to Stoke Ferry Bridge, all in a straight line.

The obvious explanation for these lines is that they were tracks leading to a very important river crossing with connections to south of the river. if this is correct the fact that no evidence of any actual tract exists on these lines today suggests the lines could be very old indeed, it is extremely unlikely that these lines are the result of pure chance.

I would be pleased to know if anyone can throw any further light on this subject, if so would they be kind enough to contact me at the address below.

Elm Farm, Old Severalls Road, Methwold Hythe

John D Wortley

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