River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Community Meetings

September 2001

Let's get together

It must be over 20 years since the inception of our Village Pump, and I have shown an interest in it from day one, first as a purchaser now also as a contributor. Why the interest? I believe our Pump always has had potential and it is that which interests me. The fact that it covers a number of villages and makes a charge per copy of 50p, which I think is good value, to me that makes sense. It goes with-out saying that every effort should continue to be made to improve it's content, and very importantly, it's circulation.

What I would like to see our Pump do is to take advantage of the unique position it finds itself in, and it could do this by arranging a number of 'meet the people' get together. If we consider for a moment our regular contributors, I have never met them, and they have never met me, and yet we live only a few miles apart.

That however is only the start, our get togethers could, and should, involve everyone, Readers, Business People, School Teachers, Councillors, Sports Officials and Players, and most certainly our Religious Ministers, and so on. How often do you talk to someone and they respond, 'Never see them'

Whatever organisation you talk about one thing is for sure, when it comes to public relations very few are any good at it. What an opportunity we have to rectify this to the mutual advantage of us all.

Les Lawrence

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