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A Conservative Opinion

September 2001

Who will lead the Tories?

I packed up smoking some eight years ago and haven't been the same man since. My sort of man is someone who has a cigarette in one hand, a large whisky in the other, and Ava Gardner sitting on his lap. Disconcerting, yes I know I really do like that word, and you know what they say, come across something you like, then flog it to death, anyway back to the story, oh yes there is one. I don't think you are concentrating. Discerning readers may well be wondering what good would I be to Ava Gardner if I had my hands full of cigarettes and whisky? Well as I have said before, if you don't like the way this article is going, you must write your own.

If we could go back to Ken Clarke well, when you think of it, anyone will be better than William Hague. You just can't be a Leader with the hairstyle he had. It's the same with David Beckham just look at his hair, or rather the lack of it. He is the England football captain and what does he look like? It could be said never mind what you look like it's more to do with are you any good at your job; well not in my book it isn't. I want my men and women to look like men and women. You can say what you like but Ava Gardner was all woman, and Sean Connery as James Bond, make no mistake was all man.

So if Ken Clarke is my kind of man, then so indeed was Margaret Thatcher my kind of women. We are not talking politics here we are talking about real men and women. How well I remember seeing Margaret Thatcher walking off the plane having just arrived in America. She was wearing a glorious blue jacket and skirt; yes and high heels, even if they were not of the 4" variety, and what a credit she looked. Not just to herself, but to our Country as well. Does clothes maketh the man or woman? You bet they do, and if you don't believe that you've been at the sherry. Ken Clarke the winner, and don't forget you saw it first here in the Village Pump. I have only one complaint against Ken, I just wish he would get rid of them hush puppies then he would indeed be my man.

Les Lawrence

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