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Stoke Ferry Annual Parish Council Meeting

August 2001

Held on 10th May 2001 at 7.30pm

PRESENT Chairman, V.Chairman & Messrs Patterson, Bonnett and Jagger plus eight members of the public.

APOLOGIES Mr. Manley (B.C.), Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Kirchen.


Mr. Mycock prop. Mr. Bonnett 2nd that Mr. White remain in office, all agreed.

Mr. Bonnett prop. Mr. White 2nd that Mr. Mycock remain in office, all agreed

MINUTES of previous meeting read and signed as a true record.


1. The Agreement between Parish Council and Mr. C. Stocking now signed, to commence on 1st June 2001.

2. Barrier in Wretton Rd. Highways claim it is not their responsibility, but are checking ownership.


1. "Friedland" Greatmans Way extension to Dwelling house. Parish Council approved.

2. Gardner, Wretton Rd., replacement of dwelling & garage. Parish Council approved.

3. Austin, Stoke Rd, extension to dwelling. Parish Council approved.

4. Price & Rogers. Furlong Rd. Amended design to two dwellings. Parish Council approved.

5. Chapman, Furlong Drove. Concrete batching plant. Parish Council objected


Insurance £317.39, Sub to NCAPTC £116.60, Eastern Contract. £238.98.

Passed for payment. Prop. Mr. Bonnett, 2nd Mr. M. Mycock.


It was agreed to adopt the accounts as presented. Balance at bank 31.3.2001 £4,027.07. Prop Mr. White 2nd Mr.



1. Audit Commission. Parish Council decided on District Audit

2. Parish Review. Final decision still to be made by Borough Council.

3. Mrs. Baker of Hope Cottage requested help re hedge cutting. Refer to Age Concern.

4. N.C.C. legal Dept queried if P.C. would agree to dedicating the footpath in village. P.C. declined.

5. Agreed to Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy.

6. Planning enforcement officer to investigate car repairs at Self Stores.

7. Dog Fouling. Further instructions on enforcing action.

8. Report on Village Workshop undertaken by Youth Group.

9. To obtain quotes for work on cemetery land.


I. Youth Club regrets not attending meeting but thanked P.C. once again for their help.

2. Highway matters. Patch between garage and fish shop broken. Why bridge work taking so long?


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