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It's Time For Music

August 2001

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Talking about music, I have never understood why it is that some villages have their own Brass Bands, where-as others never have. Hilgay has had a Band ever since I can remember, how is that? And how come that such as Stoke Ferry, Wereham and yes, Methwold, never have? I think it's a tremendous achievement on the part of Hilgay that they continue. So many things in village life now-a-days seem to fall by the way-side.

We have just seen the completion of another Wimbledon, and it doesn't surprise me that we never win it. I have to confess that tennis is a long way from being my first love, but how often do you see anyone in this area playing tennis? We had a Tennis Club in Methwold years ago but of course, like a lot of things, that fell by the wayside.

To return to music, I like Country and Western, among other sorts, and can't find much wrong with Tammy Wynette singing 'Stand by your Man', or Jim Reeves, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, to name only a few. I must be in one of my don't understand moods because what don't understand is, why is it that the music we get from American rural areas is so much more appealing than what we have to offer? Our country music seems to consist of such as 'Have you got a loight boy' or something as romantic as 'I've got a Combine Harvester'. My God we must be in trouble if that's the best we can come up with. The lyrics in American songs seem more realistic than ours do. For example, they have 'I left my heart in San Francisco' or 'Chicago, Chicago'. What can we come up with? 'I left my heart in King's Lynn' or 'Wisbech, Wisbech'? No, I don't think we are in the same league and on that despondent note, even if that's not a musical one, I'm off to the Pub.

Les Lawrence

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