War Memorial Gary Trouton


August 2001

Crazy Weather

Well, did we have the summer or is it still to come? We really have run through all the options in July, haven't we? Two weeks or so of almost tropical sunshine followed by enough rain to cause local flooding. Even during the hot spell, a builder told me the water table was still so high in Stoke Ferry that he was having trouble digging foundations. So when can we expect a hose pipe ban?

Well, now for the good news. The more observant among you will no doubt have already noticed that the back page of the Village Pump now has a prize crossword. Still compiled by Crateagus and thus still as difficult, we now have our very own sponsor! Patsy Lewis from the Corner Shop in Stoke Ferry has kindly offered to sponsor the crossword and will provide a prize each month for the winning entry. The prize will take the form of a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, so get solving without delay! I have no doubt there will be more than one correct entry each month so we have agreed that Crateagus, having checked the entries for correctness, will hold a draw to determine the winner.

Whether or not living in West Norfolk has made us more observant, I don't know. But I do know that we are still seeing species of birds that I thought were extremely rare. Every day, down Wretton Fen Road, we see two pairs of green woodpecker who all tell us in their piercing chirrup that we are too near their nests. Then in Oxborough Road we regularly see a pair of Goldfinch; their delightful plumage flashing in the morning sunlight sets me up for the day. Wonderful as these sightings are, our prize for the month was the sighting of a Golden Oriole in Stradsett. When we lived in Germany, these beautiful birds were a regular visitor to our garden, but this is the first sighting for us here in dear old Norfolk.

Readers will note a paucity of letters this month. Do please put pen to paper and let us have your views. Perhaps some among you can answer John's question about the Concrete Batching plant? You will see I have included another competition; maybe you have similar brainteasers that could test the wit of our readers?

Ray Thompson

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