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Runnin' On

July 2001

A stroll along the coastline

Yesterday looked as though we could rely on the weather enough to have a ride out to Wells, not too windy for a stroll along the path that leads to the deep sandy beach.

As we drove along the weather really started to warm up so we were surprised to find that Wells was having a quiet day, the car park had plenty of spaces so there no problem there.

We always start off with a coffee in the Ark Royal while we tease ourselves with the menu, its nice to know what we are looking forward to for lunch after our walk.

The sea defences are being strengthened on the bank that runs between the path and the miniature railway. The bank sides have been smoothed, covered with synthetic sheeting and then topped with pierced interlocking square blocks. A workman explained it all to us while a big machine heaved the blocks into position, as they are fastened together by cords they look like very heavy duty chainmail.

The blocks will be covered with soil and grass seed applied so roots will help to anchor the whole protective layer to the bank. It's amazing what you learn on a seaside walk. It was nice to see that the strollers haven't been forgotten, places have been made for seats where we'll be able to watch the boats and birds.

When we got up to the beach we walked along to the part where the beach huts stand, found a comfy breakwater and did a spot of people watching. Small children were having a paddle at the water edge with their parents keeping an eye on them, thank goodness buckets and spades are still around. It's a pity you can't rent a toddler for a sandcastle session.

Once the novelty of the breakwater seats wore off we straightened ourselves up and headed back towards the town, all the block laying had stopped, it was obviously lunch time. We did stop to watch a row of bobbing bottoms, yes they were crabbing over the edge of the dock. I think they were a bit optimistic judging by the size of the bucket waiting for the crab catch to start. Grandma was swinging the fish baited line, a small boy was holding the line reel, Mum was holding the small boy and we heard Granddad say, "I'm saving the last photo on the film for the crab". He was still saving it when we left!

After lunch we explored the little shops in the town, it is such a nice place we were surprised to hear a lady say how dreary it all was to her friend, I don't think she could have been looking at the right things!

Before we started on the homeward drive we went back to the seats to watch the boats, as there were no empty benches I asked a lady sitting by herself if we could share hers. We sat and talked, she said how she loved the town and visited it every other month, driving some distance to do so. I thought what a different outlook she had compared to the lady who complained about it.

Janet Tilburn

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