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Look out for Apathy

July 2001

Les' thoughts dance into the early hours

This reminds me of many years ago even before my time when they use to have dances at Didlington Hall. I am told it wasn't unusual for these Dances to finish at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning! By the time some of the men had walked home it was time to start work on the nearby farms. By the way, when I have been told these stories I never did hear what happened to the Women. You can't have had dances with Men only can you? What a shame I wasn't around then. I could have taken the Ladies part; I have certainly made a mess of doing the Men's steps. Who knows, I might have been more successful learning the Ladies steps.

Still on this subject of Dancing, I often find two women dancing together and they always seem to be enjoying themselves and all of this seems to be acceptable. If a couple of fellows start doing a Tango together it wouldn't be long before they were thrown out, together with their handbags. We live in a very unfair world.

Returning to the question of Apathy at the General Election of course it doesn't stop there. How much I agree with Ron Watts and his excellent article in the June Issue, 'What is wrong with Britain?'. Why is it that we don't put our foot on the ball for a moment and say we are not prepared to put up with all of this? By the way if we exclude myself, how fortunate our Village Pump is to be able to attract such excellent contributors, such as Ron Watts. He seems to have more brains in his little finger than I have in my whole body. However on reflection I'm not sure if this is not a bad thing. It could be said that Ron's articles appeal to the more discerning reader, where as mine may well appeal to those who enjoy the odd glass or two and, lets face it, you can't put it more diplomatically than that.

But if Apathy rules, can we say who's to blame for it? My theory is that it isn't the general public but the 'powers that be'. If you want people to be interested in anything I believe you should go out there and stimulate peoples interests. A very dear friend of mine, many years ago, showing commendable initiative and enterprise was able to persuade the delectable Miss Jones to go to the Pictures with him. Unfortunately his wife found out and insisted on going as well, and it was this little incident that made me change my whole philosophy on life. My motto now is if at first you don't succeed, sit down and cry your eyes out, then forget it. My dear friend did; his wife saw to that.

Les Lawrence

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