River Wissey Lovell Fuller


July 2001

An intoduction to the July issue

Well, that's that for another 4 or 5 years; the election I mean. I don't know about you but it was difficult to drum up interest. I did vote though, but I wonder how many of you couldn't bother? I think that it is important that we deliver our own verdicts at the hustings; otherwise they in the big house in London will ride rough shod over all of us!

Perhaps of more importance is the news that animal movement restrictions are to be eased. Although effectively free from foot and mouth here in Norfolk, farmers have nevertheless been subject to severe movement restriction orders. I was a little concerned, however, to hear a government official flatly refuse to give a date by which he thought the epidemic would be finished. Add to that Margaret Beckett's statement to the House of Commons that perhaps some errors had occurred in the early days of handling the epidemic and you really have some confidence that our leaders know what they are doing; I don't think!

But to a more pleasant note. The weather has shown remarkable signs of an approaching summer and I have noted more and more people shedding a clout now that May is out. Unfortunately raincoats and umbrellas appear not to lie within the definition of clout. But we have had the longest day and there are now only 126 shopping days to Christmas. So start planning your Christmas now!

May I commend two items in this month's edition? Both concern travel in Norfolk. First we have Janet Tilburn's delightful note on her and Brian's trip to Wells. How nice to hear from someone who not only looks at life but also can report on it. Second is Graham Forster's item on his journey on the mid-Norfolk railway. Perhaps others among you have undertaken outings or journeys recently, which might just tickle the taste buds of the discerning Pump readers? Come on, scribble some notes and pass them to me for editing.

Enjoy the upcoming super hot month of July! With any luck we will all have dried out in time to greet the August rains...

Ray Thompson

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