River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stoke Ferry Forget Me Not Club

June 2001

What's been happening?

Good meeting was held on 28th March with knockout whist played and enjoyed by all.

Our Easter Service on April 11th was an absolutely wonderful service taken by Reverend Alan Bennett. Northwold Forget Me Not Club attended and over £50.00 was raised for our funds. Thank you also to Mary for playing the piano for us.

On April 25th we had dominoes, which was very interesting.

May 9th should have been Mrs Edeston, talking on wood, what sort of things can be made etc. Unfortunately, she was taken ill and her husband came in her place and gave a talk on his travels around the world, which was very interesting. Music was also included in the talk. He was thanked for coming and not letting us down.

Mrs Joyce Hull

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