River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Save 1st Feltwell Guides

June 2001

A plea for help

1st Feltwell Guides are begging that someone will come and save us from shutting down. We need a helper that will give up their Tuesday evenings (6.30-8.30) for us!

I love going to Guides! There are 27 other girls and it would be really sad if they didn't get to see each other. Girls come from all over the district.

Please, please, please get in touch, even if you think you could only come and help occasionally. We really need you!

This is the only Guide unit in our district. We learn loads and have great fun and I want it to continue. But it can't without you!

If you are interested please contact Yvonne Crouch 01842 827501.

If no one is then Guides will discontinue. Please help!

Elinor Tuffnell (11)

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