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June 2001

Should we use the hard sell to fill our Sales Manager position?

The other night my phone rang, in fact it also rang the night before, come to think of it, it frequently rings. Invariably it turns out that the caller is some charming young Lady who wishes to speak to me. This has made me realise what a popular young, well popular maid am. As a result I have been wondering how this has come about, what's the big appeal, it couldn't possibly be, dear I say it, my good looks.

I decided there was only one way to sort this out and somewhat nervously I had a good look in the mirror, seeking as it were a second opinion. My conclusions were that I was rather impressed, take away the somewhat funny eyes, large mouth, and a even larger nose, putting all that to one side, I thought well not too bad, in fact it occurred to me that maybe I had the makings of a pop star. It then dawned on me that can't play the guitar, neither can I sing, but then I decided, well hang on, this hasn't held some of them others back so why should it me.

It was at this stage that reality started to set in, and I wondered could this also have something to do with the fact that my glass was now empty, who knows, but on reflection just why were these charming Ladies phoning some old fool like me. Well it turned out one of them considered our kitchen units needed replacing, another one suggested our windows were about to fall out, and what's more it just so happened that their man was in the area and would love to see me. Typical, just as I was getting on so well with the Ladies some darn man had to show some interest in me, people like me just can't win.

In spite of all of this I am convinced there is a message here, however annoying we might find these constant phone calls to be at least they are selling, and that is something we just don't do enough of If more members are required for any of our village organisations why don't we go out and canvass for just that. how often have you been to the AGM of your Club and the cry goes out, 'We want a new Chairman or Treasure?, and eventually these positions are filled and all is well. Not quite as far as I'm concerned because we haven't yet filled the most important position of them all, that of the Village Pump Sales Manager.

Many years ago a young Lady won a fortune on the Pools and she decided she would Spend, Spend, Spend, I believe we should Sell, Sell, Sell, because not only is it essential but it's also very exciting. The next time my phone rings and it's my Double Glazing Mends maybe I won't buy hut I shall reflect on their initiative and enterprise and probably wish I had a little bit more of both.

Les Lawrence

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