War Memorial Gary Trouton


June 2001

An introduction to the June issue

Mea Culpa! Yes it was my fault. My apologies to the staff and customers of the Corner Shop for inadvertently bringing forward Sunday opening by a whole hour! It wasn't a conspiracy Jean, honest; it was just a plain old typing error. But, come to think of it.

My apologies also go to The Stoke Ferry Forget Me Not Club. Somehow the article, which was submitted in plenty of time for the May edition, simply slipped through the net. I promise to be more careful in the future.

Well, it's Election Time again. Did you ever see such posturing and prancing. Why they don't all joint Equity and admit once and for all that they are appearing in the longest running UK farce, I just don't know. And just why do we have to have so many Scots attempting to get elected to an English Parliament? However, whether you are apathetic or not, do exercise your right to vote. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to try and make this wonderful old country of ours an even better place to live.

To return to last month's item on local wild life, we have had the most wonderful experiences this month. Because of the foot and mouth we have been walking our small dogs on the Wretton Fen Road thus avoiding any suggestion of breaching the County Council's footpath rules (whatever they are!). Over the month we have seen at least ten pairs of breeding Canada Geese, each with their five offspring, a golden vixen with her two golden cubs romping in a field literally thronging with rabbits and supervised from afar by old Reynard himself and numerous deer. Add to this the multitude of birds from chiff-chaff and willow warbler to green woodpecker and skylarks and you'll understand the sheer pleasure we have gained from the lovely county of Norfolk.

This month sees two more advertisers and a host of new contributors. I would especially draw your attention to the heartfelt plea from Elinor Tufnell. If you can help, please do make contact with the Feltwell Guides.

The Village Pump is also still looking for help in the form of an Advertising Manger; anyone out there brave enough to give it a go?

Ray Thompson

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