River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Cat and the Fire

May 2001

A poem on the playful antics of two cats

The snow outside is laying deep,But inside you're fast asleep.On the hearth the fire is red,On the rug you make your bed.Your brother lies close beside you,Planning how to get your spot on the hearth rug.

One eye open, one eye shut,He is planning how to get your spot.Up he stands and out he stretches,Wondering if you'll need a stretcher.He plans to fight you for your spot,He wonders should I or should I not?

He crouches,And then he pounces.You and he run of to fight,That old cat on the sofa, sniffs with spite.Then without a care,She slips down softly from her chair,And settles on the hearth rug.You two cats who always play,Will get the fire some other day.

Elinor Tuffnell (11)

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