River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Healthy Eating?

May 2001

A poem about the dilemas it brings

I don't want SalmonellaI don't want CJDSo that cuts out meat, chicken & eggsSo what can I eat for tea?

It cuts out sausages and liverWhat about milk and cheese?Can somebody tell me what,I can eat, please?

I've walked around the SupermarketI just cannot decideWhether to have chemically sprayed vegetablesOr genetically modified!

I did consider having fishBut there has been some suggestionThat the Sea's pollutedSo that's out of the question.

I've been walking round for hours and hoursAnd I'm getting quite distraughtI've got some toilet rolls and bleachBut that is all I've bought!

My stomach's started to rumbleAnd I'm getting in a panicI haven't got a lot of moneySo that rules out organic!

And even if I could go poshCould I really be quite sure?That I'm getting what I really wantAnd What I'm paying for?

They talk of healthy livingWell how do you do that?Cut down on salt and sugar,And always eat low fat!

Drink decaffeinated coffeeCut down on cups of tea.Make sure that all your soft drinksAre totally sugar free.

You shouldn't be eating pastrySweets or chocolate.Don't eat anything that tastes goodBecause that will make you fat!

Well, I've made a decisionI'll leave it up to fate.Or I'll be sitting down to dinnerWith nothing on my plate!

Pat Watts

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