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April 2001

Commercial Blues

Years ago I remember a radio programme about the influence of radio on the listeners. When, during a radio interview with a butcher about trends, fads and magazines etc in relation to his trade, the butcher said if he listened to Mrs Dale's Diary on the radio, he knew that when Mrs Dale said she was going to cook liver for Dr Dale's dinner, the next day he would be selling no end of liver.

I don't know how many of you will remember Mrs Dale's Diary? Like the Archers it was part of the day I looked forward to and it made a nice change to hear all the stories about the fictitious families. I haven't changed much in my ways; I do get my leg pulled about the Archers addiction, but whatever happens during the day it is my bit of time for me. I have been an addict since the programme began so there isn't much chance of a cure is there? Perhaps there will be "Archers patches" for sale soon.

Years ago when the Lynn News had a Poet's Corner I used to send in the odd ode. Sometimes there were poems from Margery English. Little did I know that one day I would be writing for the same magazine as she had done for years. I never did meet Margery but I always liked her verses and here is one I wrote for Poet's Corner in 1987.

I've tried cleaning my cooker like the lass on T.V.,With a quick care free wipe, after cooking the tea.But my smiles and my laughter just turn to despairWhen I see that the marks are still all sitting there.I've fed all the children with quick "Tasty Rice"They even dared to say, "It wasn't nice",And on T.V. adverts when "She" mops the floors,Does the lady not have to go down on all fours,To wipe all the awkward bits, corners and edgesWith common old floor cloth to do all the ledges.I think that I'll advertise "House for TV",And they can come here to keep house for me,And I'll lie on the sofa with big box of chocs,Brought by the man who dives straight off the rocks.

Already the poem is somewhat dated, no more adverts of a man desperate to get a box of chocolates to his girl, through thick and thin that fellow went, twice nightly on I.T.V. sometimes. I'm surprised that the girl never put any weight on.

When I remember advertisements from so many years ago it does make me wonder how influential they are generally.

Janet Tilburn

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