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Re: The playing field

April 2001

Response to criticism

Dear Editor

In reply to the letter regarding the playing field in your March pump, we would like to respond to the criticism concerning this amenity.

1. The playing field was donated to the village, not just for children.

2. We would ask, in what way is it becoming increasingly apparent that children are no longer welcome? Could it be by the committee providing 5-a-side goals, which are no longer there due to vandalism? Could it be by the 2nd basketball net provided and subsequently vandalised? Could it be the committee providing bollards to keep vehicles (unless under supervision) off the playing field for the safety of the unwanted children?

3. The only complaint the committee has received regarding children using the hedgerow as a toilet was during an under 14's football match, even though a key had been provided for them to use the facility.

4. The perfectly adequate toilet on the site is only used on hire, for the following reasons!

A) the hirer is responsible for the supervision of this toilet.

B) to empty and service this toilet costs £17.60 each time

C) without this facil1ty there could be no functions on the playing field. Would "name and address supplied" be prepared to supervise and maintain this facil1ty? Could they guarantee that this facility would not be vandalised? How many village playing fields provide a toilet to the public?

The playing field is run and maintained by a volunteer committee. Funds are raised by the committee to pay for insurance, upkeep and repairs. The only income is from the hire of the playing field for football. The under 14's football team were charged £30 this year for part season hire of the field andeacilities. It was agreed by the committee that the football teams would pay half each of any football related expenses. The under 14's have so far been charged only £10 for electric and chalk. The men's football team pay £120 (plus expenses) per season.

When members of this community give up their time (and very often their money) to keep the playing field open, it is very disappointing when people such as "name and address supplied", haven't got the decency to approach this committee direct. It is very difficult to answer criticism that is given from someone who hasnt got enough courage to supply their name.

New committee members are always welcome; try some commitment instead of criticism!

The Stoke Ferry Playing Field Committee

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