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March 2001

This month - a favourite savoury recipie

Each week when I read the "Woman's Weekly" I check through the cookery section to see if any of it takes my fancy, if there is something that will make a change to our usual meals and we have most of the ingredients, I'll have a shot at it.

I don't think there have been any total disasters yet, I have been asked not to repeat a few trial meals though. I do wonder how many of the recipes do get used. My family have pulled my leg over my magazine specials but we have got some favourites that have become special over the years.

Each time I sort through my spice drawer I come across some exotic things that never have been opened, I reckon we must have lost the recipe by the time we've got finally found a shop with the unusual ingredient!

Years ago I was given a recipe which has become one of our favourites. When the weather is cold this is the stuff to warm you up. We have this as a complete savoury course; the ingredients can vary according to taste.

Thinly sliced potatoes. Enough to make three layers in the dish.

Grated strong cheese. Enough to make three layers in the dish.

Thinly sliced onions. Once again, enough to make three layers in the dish!

I use a large ovenproof dish with a lid. Set your oven to hot.

Grease the dish and starting with a layer of potatoes, then a layer of onions then a layer of cheese and so on, finishing up with a layer of cheese.

Pour enough water over the ingredients to barely cover the bottom of the dish, sprinkle with pepper and salt if you are allowed to use it. Cover with lid and cook for at least two hours, keep an eye on the meal and test it with a knife to see when the vegetables have cooked through. When they have, remove the lid and put the dish back in the oven until the top layer of cheese is crispy.

The only improvement I can make to this meal is to embellish it with brown sauce, but that's not for the squeamish tummied types!

Janet Tilburn

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