River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Musings from the Methodist Manse

March 2001

Thoughts on the lead-up to Easter

Dear Friends,

God knew our greatest need

If our greatest need had been for information,God would have sent us an Educator.

If our greatest need had been for technology,God would have sent us a Scientist.

If our greatest need had been for money,God would have sent us an Economist.

If our greatest need had been pleasure,God would have sent us an Entertainer.

But our greatest need is for forgiveness,So God sent us a Saviour.

Lent begins this month and the journey of remembrance and celebration which leads to Easter. Jesus was an educator, scientist, economist and entertainer; in so far as the Christian faith speaks to every part of our life and society. The things he said and did show us how to meet all our needs and the needs of others. However, our greatest need is for forgiveness - not the "woe is me", breast-beating, joyless asking for forgiveness, which has characterised the Church's teaching from time to time in her history; but the recognition that we are not as truly alive as we believe is possible and our opinions and priorities are often formed by the narrowness of our own situation.

Jesus invites people to follow him - to walk and talk - to arrive footsore and heart weary to the point of complete emptiness at the cross and then to be filled and blessed by the joy of new life and resurrection promise!

Jesus said, "I have come, so that you might have life, in all it's fullness." and to those who would hear the invitation, he said, "Follow me"

Every Blessing

Revd Jackie Goddard

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