War Memorial Gary Trouton

I Got There in the End

March 2001

A poem about finding Stoke Ferry

The first time I came to Norfolk, to see their bungalowRay wrote down the directions, the most straight forward way to go.I drove up the A14 took the Peterborough sign,then set of for Wisbech, I was making real good time.I saw a sign for Downham on the A1122Headed towards Swaffham, then I didn`t have a clue.I drove around for ages and I don`t know to this day,How I eventually made it to Stoke Ferry, `Ferryway`

The second time I visited it was no better than before,I thought I`d try different route, It was like a mystery tour.I found myself in Newmarket and then in Mildenhall,Then saw a sign for Brandon, Ray had mentioned I recalled.I ended up in Thetford Forest much to my dismay,I still don't know just how I did it, but I arrived at Ferryway.

The third time that I went there; I thought I'd got it sussed.I actually got to Brandon but then much to my disgust,I came to the Thetford roundabout, which way now? I wasn't sure,So deciding that Lynn would make a change I drove along the A134.By the time I got to Whittington, I was going round the bend,but just like all the other times, I got there in the end.

Even though I always got there it took three hours or more.And of course the petrol consumption I just couldn't ignore.I knew I had to get it right so I used the Internet,And I printed out a route, I hoped was the best way yet.

I travelled up the A14 as I'd always done,But this time I didn't get off until I was near Bury St Edmunds.Then I got to Brandon, Maureen and Ray had shown me how,I just turned left at the traffic lights; I know I'm on the right road now.Over the railway junction and just carry on straight,There's the sign for Stoke Ferry, I finally got it mate.

Pat Watts

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